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09/23/2006 Entry: "Jim's Autumn MI-5"

1. Do you have any favorite foods or drinks that you like in the fall?
Oh, man, do I! I love fall. It's my favorite time of year. I much prefer fall food to summer. I love cider, hot or cold. Maybe a hot buttered rum. And the Cocomotion will be broken out soon. I've already roasted a squash, and have another one on deck. I love stew, and I have this sausage stew I make which is awesome. I just love the heavier style of fall/winter cooking.

2. Do you have any favorite activities that you do in the fall?
I love leaf peeping. Usually we'll take a Sunday afternoon and just go for a drive. I have this dream that someday I'll take Susan leaf peeping down Castine way, and work our way back to a brunch at the Samoset. I've been planning this for years. Some day, it'll happen. And, as you can see from bellow, we've already been apple picking. Oh, and I love Halloween too.

3. Tell us of a favorite memory or even a few from fall.
I have some very fond fall memories, like my first big deer hunt with Uncle Ash. I have many good Halloween costume memories, my favorite of which was the "Ghost With Necktie" costume. (Mon insisted that the ghost costume fit securely on me, so she made me wear one of Dad's neckties.)

4. Do you have anything you want to accomplish this fall?
I already have. I wanted to do the apple picking event with the fam.

5. Tell us one thing you love and one thing you hate about fall.
I think I've told you enough things I love. Things I hate? All the yardwork I need to do to get ready for fall. You know, put Stabil in the lawn mower gas, put the pool and kids toy's away, take the raked leaves to the dump, trim all the brush, that sorta stuff.

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