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10/09/2006 Entry: "The Weekend Wrap Up"

This is my weekend wrap-up.

For Rick: I ate, slept, worked, and played music.

Now, for those of you who care about me, and like reading here, here's the more "full featured" version.

Friday night: I don't remember. None of it. I didn't have a gig, so I was home. What did I do? Haven't a foggy.

Saturday, Susan and I had divergent paths. She had a scrapbooking event at church, and she took the kids with her. I'm going to be playing "Bye-Bye Birdie" at Medomak High in a few weeks, and they put together a little band rehearsal. I was there promptly at 9:30am. And there was not a single car in the parking lot. Strange. So I waited about 15 minutes to see if anyone showed. One car drove in, and pulled up on the curb, and went behind the building. So, I thought I'd head back there. Nothing except a ball field, and some game going on. So I left. But before I left Waldoboro, I thought I'd call the band director, and see if I got the wrong date or what. I got his wife. She explained he left for the rehearsal over an hour before. Where was everyone? I drove back to the school, and started trying doors. I finally found one open, and I entered the school. I had to take some funky detours to get around locked doors inside the school, but I finally got to the band room. And everyone was inside! Apparently, there's some other parking lot I don't know about, and everyone was parked there. In the afternoon, I did some housework and stuff. Susan wanted pizza for supper, so I was off to Amatos for her new favorite: peperoni and bacon.

On Sunday, JP and I went over to the Transportation Museum, as MIS was the sponsor. We spend several hours looking at beautiful foreign vehicles. They thanked us for our service by offering us a biplane ride, which was fantastic. The pilot flew me right over my house. Of course, Susan and the kids were still in church, but I thought about calling them from the air.

While I was there, Tim Dresser mentioned to me that Gail was still looking to sell the Vistas that I had once owned, and then sold to their son. So in the afternoon, I went and bought them back! I guess it's time '70s styled "Groove Machine" gets some gigs! In the evening, I went to church, and then went and picked up supper for Susan. Yup, pizza again.

Today, I spent the morning rebuilding the site, here. I think I've chased most of the TRAA code. I have a couple of links on some other pages I need to change, but from the Greymatter side, everything's all done. (I think.) I went to my Kiwanis meeting at noon. Susan's now at the grocery store with the boys, and I'm posting this for you!

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