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10/17/2006 Entry: "Two Days of Busy Bill"

It's almost 7pm, and I'm still at the office. I've been here since 6am. It's billing day. The day I print several thousand invoices. Mike, my former boss, came in to help me. At about 9am, everything appeared to be well. The charges were applied, the invoices were spooling, the printer would soon be humming.

Well, the printer is still humming! It appears our print spool software decided today would be a good day to take some time off. The bad part of this whole equation is that when I hit the "print" button, it takes about an hour (maybe an hour and a half) for the print job to spool. So if something freezes, I don't know about it for an hour! Finally, at about 3:30pm (when normally we're all done with the process), I accidentally sent the print job to a different--and slower--printer. And you know what? It's spooling ok. So I figured "to heck with it!" (Sorry for the harsh language.) "At least it's spooling. Better spooling slow than not at all."

So here I am.

It's basically a continuation of yesterday. Yesterday, I had Susan's car in the garage. I had a bunch of stuff to do at the office to get ready for today. I had to take an unscheduled plane flight to North Haven (only about a 10-15 minute flight) to deliver an important part that keeps the Internet alive. I had band practice in the evening. It was a day chock-o-block full of stuff. I didn't even get to ebay! :-)

I've got a sneaking suspicion I'm taking Friday off!

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