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11/29/2006 Entry: "Internet Explorer 7"

It stinks! Hey, we've got tabbed browsing now! Just like Mozilla's had for two years. Great. Know what else they did? They stuck the Forward and Back buttons on the left hand side, and the Refresh, Stop, and Home buttons on the right. They put the Menu bar BELOW the address bar. Don't all Windows apps put the menus at the top? Haven't they been at the top for years? YES! Put it back there! Oh man, it's awful. You used to be able to move your toolbars all around. Not anymore! And you know what Microsoft touted about this browser? You guessed it: toolbar customization! Ha-ha!

I'm a Mozilla user anyway, and I'll be staying that way. I do check websites I'm working on with IE to make sure they render right. But other than that, I don't touch it.

News! There's a regedit tweak to move the menu bar to the top where it freakin' belongs! If you'd like to see it, it's here. (Do be careful if you choose to edit your registry.)

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Dig this my brother...
Open IE tabs in Firefix.

Posted by Genova @ 11/30/2006 12:10 PM EST

FireFOX... Not Firefix. I apparently haven't gotten enough of my fix this morning.

Posted by Genova @ 11/30/2006 12:12 PM EST

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