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02/27/2007 Entry: "One Sad Weekend Wrap-Up"

It was supposed to be awesome. A thing of beauty. I had put extra time in at the office; enough to warrant a day off, even. Susan's mom wanted to take the kids for the weekend--all three of them! A weekend of leisure, romance, and fine dining was planned. And that's what spelled our doom!

It started out with the boys being sick. Matthew had an ear infection, and Nathaniel had RSV. Since my father-in-law has some health issues, Nat couldn't go. Oh well. Then I had this idea. Since Nat would've been on antibiotics for three whole doses as of Friday, why not ask my Mom to babysit just him on Friday night, and we could still get one nice dinner in. Mom was agreeable, so I made reservations for Amalfi for Friday night.

Friday morning came, and I did a bunch of web work. Since there were two adults, and only one kid, we decided to get the house ship-shape. Laundry was folded, dishes washed, the kitchen floor mopped, the downstairs vacuumed. Somewhere in all that, Susan hurt her back. Then, and about quarter to five, she said "I don't well." And off to the bathroom she went. So I called the restaurant, and canceled our 5:30 reservations.

Saturday, I picked up 2/3rds of the kids at grandma's house. When I got home, there was a call from the office: I needed to go in. I don't remember what happened in the afternoon, but I think it involved a butcher knife and a noose.

Sunday, I was in a terrible mood. I made (what I thought was) a delicious breakfast: bacon/cheese waffles. The boys and I loved them; Susan and Julia wouldn't try them. So I started off depressed about that. The boys still weren't 100%, and Susan was still sick, so they didn't go to church with me. At church, we're without a pastor (as we have been for two years), and we had sixteen people show up. So everything just piled up, and I was feeling crummy. I started to lose my funk in the afternoon, and then it came back in the evening.

As of Monday, though, I was back to my old self. Sort of.

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Is sixteen people a good or a bad thing? confused

Posted by aza @ 02/28/2007 11:11 AM EST

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