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05/01/2007 Entry: "A Trio of Crazy Dreams"

I've had three dreams of late that haven't been blogged. They were all pretty strange. And, I don't really remember them that well, which is also strange. But, here they are.

1) I dreamt sometime last week that I was being chased by someone, though I don't know who. I was carrying a sword. Why? Search me! The strange part was I couldn't (in my dream) open my eyes. In my dream, my eyes were closed, and I couldn't open them. So I'm running from someone, but I can't see where I'm going. I could take my hands, spread my eyelids apart, and see a little, but as soon as I let go, my eyes would snap shut.

2) I dreamt I was a participant in a firing squad. I wasn't the recipient, I was a participant. Who was I shooting? Why? I've no idea.

3) Last night I dreamt I was in a car accident. I backed into someone. Who? I don't know. But I remember the person I backed into was admitting it was their fault. I knew it was of course my fault, but I let them tell the cops it was theirs. I just kept my mouth shut.

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