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05/11/2007 Entry: "My Made-Up-Job MI-5"

Actually, Gina was the inspiration for this. She asked me the first question for some reason, and I said "That would make a really good MI-5!" She didn't take the idea, but let me keep it. Here it is:

1) You have to preach a sermon this Sunday. What is your subject? Why?

Well, this is something I'm called on to do occasionally. And sometimes I'm called to teach adult Sunday School class. I currently have two unfinished Sunday School lessons, one on work, and one on giving. I probably would parlay one of those two over to a sermon. Unless, of course, the Holy Spirit moves me to preach on something else. Maybe fasting?

2) You're a lawyer. You somehow find out a client you represent really is guilty. Do you continue to defend him/her, or find a way to bail? Explain.

I'm not sure of the legal ramifications, but I'd prefer not to represent guilty people. If there was a way I could get out, I would.

3) You're a car salesperson. Someone comes in and wants "the coolest thing on the lot." What do you show them?

Depends what the coolest thing on the lot is! I think the Audi TT is a pretty sweet ride. Chevy has that little two seat truck that's cool. We had a purple one parked out front of the office the other day. Perhaps you'd like something that can carry a lot of groceries? Or maybe just something to take to the ice cream parlor? It would depend, see?

4) You're a doctor. One of your patients has a terminal illness. Do you tell them the truth, or lie to them thinking some positive energy on their part might prolong their life?

I'd rather hear the truth, so I think I'd tell the truth to my patients.

5) You're a chef. The president of Yukoclakia is coming for dinner. What do you serve?

Pork's pretty versatile, so I'd probably start with that. Or perhaps chicken, in case they're non-pig eaters. Maybe both! And who doesn't love great mashed potatoes? Perhaps some asparagus? And dessert, hmm. Pumpkin cheesecake sounds good right about now.

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