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05/27/2007 Entry: "Amy's "You Are" MI-5"

The YOU ARE Mi-5 edition:

1. You are attending a professional sporting event. What sport? Do you go to a specific venue? Who do you root for?

The sport I like most to watch live is probably football. However, I don't really want to travel to Mass. just to see a game. We do have the Sea Dogs (minor league team for Boston) less than two hours away. So I would probably say I'd be rooting for the Sea Dogs, and I'd be happy I was close to home, that tickets were easy to get, and inexpensive. My guess is it's all the fun of a major league game, just without the "glamor."

2. You are quitting your job because your dream job just knocked on your door and fell into your lap. How long of notice do you give? What do you say to your current employer?

My dream job would probably be artist relations for a drum manufacturer. My boss already knows about my drum love, so I don't think he'd be surprised or angry. Since I'm the manager at the office, I'd probably give a months notice. It takes some time to learn our proprietary accounting software. In fact, I'm still learning it!

3. You are attending a costume party. What do you go as? Will people recognize you (assuming there are people there that you know of course)?

I'm probably going as something ghoulish. Everyone will recognize me, 'cause I'd still be talking with everyone!

4. You are going on a road trip. How long do you go? Where do you go?

I'm probably going to NH with the kids for a vacation to Storyland or something. Sometimes, though, I dream about driving a convertible with Susan the entire length of Rt. 1.

5. You are the winner of $15,000. Not enough to quit your job or move to Hawaii or anything crazy. What do you do with it? Are you sensible and invest it? Do you buy something you need? Do you buy something you want but donít need?

At this point in my life, I'd say I'd use it to help buy a larger house, or to really spruce up the house we have now. With $15k, I could have new rugs, paint, and wallpaper all over. That would be nice! I could probably get all new furniture too. Hey, this sounds really nice. Someone get me a lottery ticket!

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