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05/31/2007 Entry: "What I Did With My Long Weekend"

vistassmall_228 (208k image)

Yup, drum restoration. And some of you may remember these Ludwig Vistalites from when I owned them before. I ended up selling them to one of my students. Honestly, I wasn't a big fan of their sound, so I didn't feel bad about selling them. Well, my former student doesn't play drums anymore. (In fact, he's gotten into the DJ business!) So his mom offered to sell them back to me. So, I bought them back. There's actually one drum not seen in this picture, though you can see it in the older pictures. The crack it had that I repaired got worse. In fact, it cracked all the way through. I've repaired it again, but I'm not sure if I'm going to use it. I may later on.

Oh, so you're probably asking "Why buy them back if you didn't like how they sounded before?" Well, the answer is "Groove Machine." The guys of Three Button Deluxe, the same guys who play in the Uptown Rhythm Kings, the same guys who play in Spork. We now have a 4th band, Groove Machine. We play all your favorite 70s funk, R&B, Soul, and Disco. "Brick House?" Yup. "Play That Funky Music?" Check. "Lady Marmalade?" Sho Nuff! Anyway, this kit is for that band. Dig?

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