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07/27/2007 Entry: "Snare Quiz--Humor Me!"

I'm playing two gig this weekend. I'll be playing a different snare at each venue. Which one will I be using at each location. I know, it's stupid, but play along, would you?

1) Tonight I'll be in Portland, inside, in a small room. I'll be playing a drum that's not too loud. Which one? Hint: It doesn't get played very much.

2) Tomorrow, early evening, I'll be playing an outside gig--a wedding reception. This gig is the steel drum band, so I'll need something loud to be heard over the din, and something loud so the band can hear. Which snare is it? Hint: It's probably the loudest snare I own.

OK, leave me a comment with your answers. There will be a prize.

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

These are total guesses--the descriptions & hints didn't help me much.
Friday: Phattie Drum Snare--because it's small & you are playing in a small space.
Saturday: Rogers Dynasonic--because the name makes it sound mighty.

Posted by beloved @ 07/27/2007 06:00 PM EST

I will play along even though I know nothing about drums (but I will tell you that drums have always fascinated me.

For Friday I guess: Ludwig Supersensitive and for Saturday I guess The oregon drum that is two below the supersensitve on your list.

And who knew there were so many types of snare drums (obviously you...I meant that rhetorically!!!)

Posted by Amy @ 07/27/2007 07:22 PM EST

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