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08/18/2007 Entry: "Brian Regan and Slips of Speech"

Comedian Brian Regan tells this joke about switching thoughts mid stream, and having them come out your mouth. He gives an example of starting to say "Take care!", and then switching to "Good luck!" It came out "Take luck!" Well, I did that this morning. I was talking to Richard Haskell, local TV repairman and antenna installer, and I started to say "Thanks, dude." Thinking Richard, who's about 60 I guess, too old to be a dude, I decided to switch to "Thanks, bud." What came out was "Thanks, dud!" Nice!

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Castanet burns?

Posted by Genova @ 08/19/2007 01:02 PM EST

Oh my! You remember her? She had that album Saxophone Galoshes!

Posted by BR @ 08/20/2007 10:53 AM EST

We visit different churches regularly, all of which use the Lord's Prayer as part of the service. It depends on the church as to whether they say "forgive us our trespasses" or "forgive us our debts," and sometimes I have a hard time remembering which it is, and end up blurting out "debtspasses."

Posted by andrew @ 08/22/2007 09:18 AM EST

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