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09/17/2007 Entry: "The Theramin"

You may not be familiar with the theramin. I really knew about it only in passing. As a musician, I was somewhat familiar with the crazy instrument you played while waving your arms around in the air. When I saw Medeski, Martin, and Wood in concert in Portland, Medeski played one briefly. (Heck, he played everything briefly. I commented to Jim at the time he was like a mad scientist, flitting from instrument to instrument, banging on this, adding some of that.)

Then today, on the drum newsgroup, someone posted a youtube video of some guy doing the Gnarls Barkley tune on the theramin. It's crazy! I keep watching it. From there, I found the video of basic theramin lessons. Crazy!

Edit: Oh my heck, it gets better! He even plays My Funny Valentine!. Outta sight!

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At a rock show a few months back I saw an aging rocker wearing a denim onesie play a theramin with his crotch.

Posted by Genova @ 09/18/2007 10:51 AM EST

It's stuff like that that really makes me miss you.


big grin

Posted by BR @ 09/18/2007 10:57 AM EST

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