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10/26/2007 Entry: "Chocolate Bacon"

I first joked about chocolate covered bacon on my very first blog ("Time Requires and Argument") back in March of 2001. I joked about it again while discussing the patty melt. The joke about me and chocolate covered bacon has been running around the office for some time, then. Well, Jim (my chocolate pusher) recently bought me a Mo's Bacon Bar. Yes, such a thing really exists! Applewood smoked bacon, alderwood smoked salt, and 41% cacao chocolate. How's it taste? I haven't tried it yet. I'm a little scared, on one level. Another side of me, though, says "Hey, I like bacon and chocolate chip pancakes, so maybe it's crazy enough to work." I'm not totally convinced. I'll let you know when I try it; I've promised Jim I won't eat it until he can see my face when I do.

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Pictures must document the experience for us...pictures of the bacon bar before and during consumption...

Honestly? the thought of bacon in my chocolate...makes me wanna wretch. Then again...I am one of those weird people who don't like bacon.

Posted by Amy @ 10/29/2007 06:37 PM EST

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