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11/07/2007 Entry: "Last Week's Weekend Wrap-Up on This Week's Hump Day!"

I actually wrote this yesterday, then forgot to post it!

I've been doing the week-end wrap up less and less. Since I'm on a computer eight hours a day at the office, I've been trying to stay off it at home. (Even my web design business, which I used to do religiously in the evenings, has been slipping by.) In any event, two days or so late, here's the weekend--for what I remember!

Friday night? Don't remember. Well, I remember Susan prepared a smothered beef and noodles that I could just go on and on about. Susan didn't really care for it.

Saturday. Breakfast. That's pretty much the usual for me on the weekends. Eggs, roast beef hash (for me and Julia), bacon, toast, coffee. Dishes and other assorted household chores. At noon time I went to a rehearsal for "Anything Goes." That lasted until about 3pm. We started to get the leftovers of hurricane Noel about the same time. Mostly wind at this point. My late lunch was leftover smothered beef. Did I mention it was fantastic?! Julia ditched us here at some point, heading to Grandma's for the night to facilitate seeing a matinee of Cinderella on Sunday afternoon. After the kids went to bed, with Susan in her kerchief, and I in my cap, had just settled down to watch Always and listen to the storm. Oh, and unlike my friend Jim, we remembered to change the clocks.

Sunday came, and proved to me my boys have the same internal clock that I do. At 5am, they were up. Of course, one day earlier would've been 6am--their regular wake-up time. And I had already been awake an hour, since I woke up at 4am--about one hour before my normal wake-up time. We (the boys and I) made our way downstairs, letting Susan get more sleep. Blueberry muffins were made. Coffee was drunk. We headed to church. We had lunch at Mom's. (You could almost write this yourself, by now.) The boys didn't take a nap, thus I didn't take a nap. When Susan got up from her nap about 4pm, I went downstairs to finish building the Spirit of Radio King. (Pictures will follow.) Church in the evening. Leftover smothered beef for supper. (Did I mention how awesome it was?)

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