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11/09/2007 Entry: "Susan's MI-5 From a Book"

My beloved wife Susan says "These questions come from a book I bought at Julia's book fair a couple weeks ago. The book is called 'Coke or Pepsi? 1000 questions to ask your friends'."

1. Which appointment is worse: Doctor or Dentist?
Dentist. Though I brush twice daily, floss every morning (well, Monday through Friday), and rinse every night, I still have way too much plaque. I go to the dentist every six months, and still I bet 50% of the hour I'm there they're descaling my teeth. Thankfully, my hygienist uses an ultrasonic descaler. I find it's much easier on me than all those metal hooks.

2. Which would you pick: An extra $50/wk or one 3-day weekend per month?
Being a Dad, and the main financial provider of my home, I looked at this from a purely mathematical standpoint. $50 X 4 = $200, or more than I'd make in one day. So I'd opt for the extra cash.

3. Small talk or deep conversations?
Small talk. While I like deep conversations, I find I can get over my head real quick, especially where "feelings" are concerned. A deep conversation about politics, or religion, or music, or literature? Great! Why doesn't my girl like me anymore? Um, check please! I'm just awkward in those situations.

4. Which is worse: No TV or No Music?
Oh, no music, for sure. There are many times when I'd actually like to get rid of the TV. In the past, when money's been tight, Susan and I have put our DirecTV service on hold. And I really didn't mind that much. It gives me time to read, do chores, and watch DVDs and LDs we hadn't watched in a while.

5. Do you read the ending before you finish a book?
Never. Ever. Nope. I just don't. To me, reading the ending doesn't make sense. First, you don't know what the heck the story was all about, so how do you figure out the conclusion? Second, lots of books have their "climax" slightly before the last chapter. Frequently, that last chapter is a sum-up kinda thing, so reading it first doesn't really give you the end of the story, though you've read the end of the book.

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