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03/07/2008 Entry: "Aunt Ginny's Retirement MI-5"

Aunt Ginny says: In 25 days I will be retiring from the best job I ever had. Naturally, it is on my mind quite a bit! Even if you don't work for pay full time right now, What do you think it will be like?

1. At what age do you see yourself retiring?
I don't think I'll ever retire. I can't see that I'll ever have enough money to stop working. I guess I'll probably plow along until I hit 70 or so.

2. Are you actively planning for that now? How?
I do have some investments, but it's nothing I contribute to regularly. I wish I had the discipline to sock a little away each week, but "life" always seems to come up.

3. Do you think that you will "come out of retirement" at least once? To do what?
I'm trying not to be morbid here, but I'm really not thinking I'm going to make retirement age. I used to think "Man, Grammy was 96 when she died. We've got some good genes!" But my maternal grandmother died young. My paternal grandmother's side had some people die young. I don't know, maybe I'm moping. Seems like for every one I think of who died young, I think of another who lived to be over 80. The Bible says 75 years are given to a person, maybe 80 if your strong. My Dad was 58. I'm a lot like him. I really hope to see 65. I'm not thinking about retirement too much.

4. Will you have a career after retirement? Paid? volunteer?
See above.

5. Will you just take one last look around, close the door behind you, and keep walking? Or, will it be a slower, more gradual, more thoughtful process?
It would depend on the job I'm doing. In my current position, my #1 priority is sending out 4000 invoices every month. And the software used to send those invoices is specialized. I would want to make sure that my replacement would know that software as well as I could teach it, so the company would be sure the lifeline of receivables would still be there.

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