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03/14/2008 Entry: "My Sister's Comforts of Home MI-5"

My sister Lisa says: "A benefactor wishes to set up a “get away” apartment for you. This is just a small place for you to escape to when the “going gets rough” and you just need some time away for yourself. He wants to know what things he can put in it that would really make it feel like “home” for you. He obviously cannot just go out and buy “people” or “sentimental” things (so don’t pick those kind of items, no matter how much you might want them), but he really wants to make the place special for you. What can he buy for you with relative ease?"

1. Name one big ticket item;
A drum set, complete with nice cymbals. This Tama Omni-Tune bubinga would do nicely.

2. Name two authors whose complete works you would like to see in the library;
I see my Aunt answered "God" for one of her two. Smart move! I had already thought about the question, and I was sort of on the same wave length, but not quite so ethereal. I thought of Paul and Luke. That would give me Luke, Acts, and all of Paul's letters.

3. Name three musical artists whose complete works you would like to see loaded into the mp3 player;
The Beatles, Miles Davis, and Mozart. I figured I'd go with people who have large catalogues, and that would give me the most music.

4. Name four things you would like to see in the food pantry and/or refrigerator;
Chocolate, pasta, sausage, and cheese.

5. Name five other things.
A computer with Internet access; a bed just like the one I have at home; a wing back recliner; heavy duty cookware; a nice Monet or Van Gogh.

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