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03/25/2008 Entry: "Misheard Lyrics"

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not the greatest when it comes to deciphering lyrics. But rather than try and figure out what the correct lyrics are, I'll just make up my own. After all, I did invent "cinnamon-y couple of fun" and "smoke through stained glass curtains."

Recently, the boys have really gotten into School House Rock. My thought is, if they're going to watch TV, why not watch something a) educational, and b) something I can deal with. I can only watch about two seconds of Dora, so if I can get them to watch Schoolhouse Rock or Electric Company, then cool! Well, my eldest son is following in his old man's footsteps. Nat doesn't realize the actual words to "Conjunction Junction" are "Hooking up words, and phrases and clauses." Instead, he says "Hooking up all the places and closets." Actually, Matt's favorite is Conjunction Junction, because it's got a train. Nat's favorite is Verb, because, well, it's got a superhero in it. It's also quite funny to hear him sing "I get my thing in action!"

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