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05/25/2008 Entry: "Amy's MI-5, Rather Late"

Amy says: The Santa Cruz mountains are burning - I live not far from them and the smoke yesterday was crazy thick in the morning. That is my inspiration for this weeks MI-5:

1. What is the worst natural disaster you have personally experienced?

~I haven't really been through too many. Hurricane Gloria blew into town when I was in junior high. I can remember Dad putting what plywood he had on windows, and putting duct tape on the rest. I was a DJ during the Blizzard of '93. I had the 5am Sunday slot, and in order to make sure I made it in, the station got me a room near the station for the night. I never ended up using the room. I went to the station Saturday night, and ended up staying there, helping the staff. I slept under a desk in the sales office. In Rockland, our power never even blipped during the ice storm of 1998. I did have to play a gig 1.5 hours west that weekend though, and I saw the devastation that happened throughout the state. The state capital of Augusta was a veritable ghost town when we drove through.

2. You were forced to evacuate your home. When you are finally allowed back your house sustained fire damage- but isn't a complete loss. What one room do you hope remained untouched by the fire and why?

~I guess the living room. It contains our favorite art pieces, the hi-fi, all our music and movies, and our computer with all the digital photos.

3. The smoke was so thick yesterday morning until the wind shifted that the sun was shrouded and actually cast an eerie orangish glow over things. Tell us about something or an experience that gave you an eerie feeling.

~The only thing I can think of is Melanie Yattaw telling me the "ghost with the golden arm" story when I was kid.

4. Lots of people are discending on the small town of Corrilitas CA to offer support. The small general store has become a makeshift command center where people gather for support and information. Does your community have a place that everyone would gather at? Where would it be?

~In Spruce Head, it would be Ma's house! It's big, and right in the center of town. Here in Rockland, I guess it would be the high school--which incidentally I can see from my front yard!

5. I love to cook, but in my wake the kitchen looks like a tornado hit it! What is something you love to make and eat but only do it on certain occassions because preparation or clean-up is a hassle?

~I can't really think of anything along those lines, but I do hate a messy kitchen. I'd rather have a dirty bathroom than a dirty kitchen. Susan is usually quite thoughtful, and when I'm on deck to cook, she'll try to get it in order for me. If not, I'll actually clean the kitchen before I start cooking, and then again after.

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