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07/05/2008 Entry: "Aunt Ginny's MI-5, July 4th Style"

My aunt says: "This week's Five are inspired by the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, some directly and some indirectly. Thanks for playing and have a happy and safe holiday!"

1. AAA predicts a first ever decrease in travel for this Fourth of July due to the gas/oil crisis. Do you find that you are traveling less these days in an effort to conserve?
~I'm trying too. I know Susan is making a very active attempt to walk more--not only to save gas, but for health reasons. I've been seriously thinking about a different vehicle. I've wanted a scooter for a couple of years now, but the prices are way up this year. Used scoots are selling for almost as much as new. I've also been thinking about a different car. My current wagon (The Green Hornet) has a big-ish V-6, and gets 17-18 mpg in town, and only 22 mph on the highway. I'd like to find a car that gets 30mpg, yet is still big enough to haul a drumset. Not much luck so far. And, even if I did find such a car, I don't have the cash to buy it.

2. Many of the news shows have been showing pieces about backyard fireworks, and the dangers involved, in the past few weeks. Do you, or have you ever, staged your own fireworks on the Fourth of July? What did you do?
~I've never had my own fireworks. I remember about four times as a kid when someone had some bottle rockets or roman candles or something, but they were never mine.

3. The vote for independence from England occurred on July 2, 1776. Do you plan to vote in the November elections? What are your thoughts on exercising your right to vote?
~I try to vote whenever I can. I think, since I've been 18, I've missed one election--and that was a primary. I try to be an informed voter, but I'll admit, last month in the voting booth, their were two Republicans running for the House. I knew quite a bit about the six or so Dems running, but I didn't know anything about the two Republicans.

4. Do you have holiday plans / traditions for the Fourth of July? Tell us about them.
~Usually, my family attends the parade at Thomaston. Since they're at camp, I have no real desire to go. And, since I had things I could do at home, I stayed home and did chores (washed floors, cleaned the basement, did dishes, etc.). In the evening, Blind Al will be playing before the fireworks. I think this was our fourth year there.

5. Are you attending a parade this year on the Fourth? If so, what is your favorite part of a parade? Your lease favorite part? Will you be participating IN the parade? What will be your role?
~Oops. I should've read ahead! When I was in high school, I marched in many parades. Since I've had a family, though, I've really preferred watching to participating. I could've been in the parade this year marching with the Kiwanis club, but chores were calling me!

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