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08/19/2008 Entry: "I Broke My Blog"

I've been down the last 12 hours or so. I tried to upgrade my blog software, and the new software isn't totally compatible with the old version. All my .html templates got lost. Thankfully, JP replaced my files from back-up for the cost of a whoopie pie! Now I'm testing to see if we're back in business. I may just drop Greymatter all together and switch to Word Press or something. All this because of comment spam...

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Just make sure that if you move to wordpress to install akismet with it to take are of commentspam. It has worked wonders for me...and it has yet to make a mistake. If it says something is spam...it is spam. smile

Posted by Amy @ 08/19/2008 11:59 AM EST

shocked I noticed that...
I wonder if your "whoopie pie" is the same as my woopie pie? Chocolate cookies with a cream filling? Yummy!

Glad to see your back up and running!

Posted by Jack @ 08/19/2008 02:11 PM EST

Hmm. Is there a spelling variant of the Whoopie Pie? Here in the US, we use the H, and pronounce it whoopie as in "making whoopie." (Blush!) Do you pronounce it like the "oo" in "pool"? In any event, we like 'em here in ME. We even trade services at the office: one lady gets her website hosted, and we get 15 whoopie pies/month!

Posted by BR @ 08/19/2008 03:08 PM EST

Actually, I've seen it spelled both ways... here is a recipe for the w'oo'pie pies I know and love wink

Posted by Jack @ 08/19/2008 10:39 PM EST

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