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11/03/2001 Entry: "Ingrahams"

Well, I had neither the lamb or the chicken. The lamb was off the menu. I did think about the chicken, but decided to go with the Filet Mignon...char grilled place on sourdough croutons with grilled portobello mushrooms finished with a roasted garlic & gorganzola cream sauce. Holy Yummy! Sue had a special: bacon wrapped (anything wrapped in bacon has got to be good!) sirloin with a bourbon ginger glaze. House salad for her, Caesar for me. (Ingraham's has the best Ceasar I've ever had.) Then we came home and watched Chocolat on DVD. We both liked it in the theater; we both liked it better at home!

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Isn't funny when you watch a movie in that enviroment? You might see a lot less of the actual movie, but it's so much better.

Posted by Harmonic Distortions @ 11/04/2001 01:58 PM EST

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