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11/03/2001 Entry: "New Colors"

New colors, folks! Next, I need to make a new banner for the top. And, I brought back the othe column, as people seemed to prefer it. Now the page is formatted for 800X600, when it had been formatted for 640X480. So, if you've got your rez set for super-huge, the page won't fit. (At least I test my page at different resolutions, with different browsers, and different OSs. The bagman says "Visit my page using Windows, I.E., 1024X768, or don't come at all!" (Note to Bagman: I'm the guy that shows up in your logs with Mac OS X using Netscape 6.1.)

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Let me just say WOW I love this page. The base color you have chosen really makes the banner and the buttons pop out. Very nice. Perhaps the nicest looking web log around. Ummm maybe. I have to admit the yellow was...well not so good. I also think the storm looks good. Nice to see these web logs really coming alive again. My original vision (which was for TQS only I admit) has been realized and then some. It sort of just happened in it's own way and that is cool. I am a happy man.

Posted by Dake @ 11/03/2001 11:42 AM EST

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