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11/06/2001 Entry: "Afternoon break, headphones phixed!"

So the other day, Adamup/Youngblood busted the work headphones. I tried my hardest to fix em, but I just couldn't. In the process, I broke the plug. So I went to Radio Shack (You got questions? We got bad, half cocked, make no sense answers) and bought a new plug. Brought it in today to fix the phones, and JP done took the soldering station home. So me, the good employee, on my lunch hour, got my personal soldering station, brought it in, and put the new plug on so my fellow employees could once again dig some tunes without having to borrow Barry's pieces of crap headphones that don't sound as good as a couple of tin cans on a string holy cow this is a long sentence. I'll remeber this little deed when my review come around (next September!).

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We're not worthy, we're not worthy.

Posted by Harmonic Distortions @ 11/07/2001 09:27 AM EST

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