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11/15/2001 Entry: "My Drum Quiz"

Harmonic Distortions from Independance Scorned showed me this cool "make your own quiz" site. So I threw together this little drum quiz. Take it! Now!

Replies: 4 people have rocked the mic!

I got a 40. Pretty bad, huh?

Posted by Lisa @ 11/16/2001 08:43 AM EST

I took it too and did quite well however my score isn't showing up. I wonder if something is up on the net. My weblog isn't working right nor is my epinions account. I can't even log into that anymore. Tried different browswers and stuff and nothing works.

Posted by Cooldrums @ 11/16/2001 10:02 AM EST

I got a 70 I think, but no score showed up for me either. Must be the terrorists. Actually it's probably the fact that these are all free services, so just a few too many people are overloading things.

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 11/16/2001 01:08 PM EST

I got a 70, and I'm pretty darn proud of myself! :)

Posted by beloved @ 11/17/2001 02:31 PM EST

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