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11/16/2001 Entry: "Christmas List"

Ok, so you wanna know what I want for Christmas. Well, I would like a new set of Pure Sound snare wires for my WFL snare. (Item number PL-1416.) I made a wish list over at Amazon. That list is here. I'd also like a scanner. This one does moblie and base duties, but a base unit is my primary need. I'd also like a Dremel kit with the flexi-shaft. I think this would make a really great drum restoration tool. Chocolate is always nice too. These Harbor Sweets Harbor Lights are my favorite all time chocolate. Sue used to work for the company that did their ordering, so she got an extra discount. I haven't had any for years. I have an ongoing quest to find an affordable alternative. One doesn't exist! I need an extension ladder. I'd like a pliers/vice grips set. A Toslink digital cable. (To be continued...)

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