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11/17/2001 Entry: "McDonalds rots"

What's up with the Rockland McDonalds? A week ago, I picked Adam up for work, and we went to snag some breakfast. The drive thru was out to the road, for cryin out loud! So we skiped it. Then this morning, we decided to do the same thing. They were backed up again, so we decided to go inside. We didn't even make it out of the vestibule. They had one register open at 9am on a Saturday!!! Hello? The line stretched, I kid you not, across the width of the entire store! It was easier to leave. But a big shot out to Adam for buying me breakfast.

Also, played at The Black Bull Tavern here in ROckland last night. They don't pay us well (they don't pay us badly, really either), but they feed us well. Anything on the menu is free game. Blind Al had the tournedos of beef in a red wine sauce, Glen on bass had the wassabbi sesame tuna, and I had penne in a boursin cream sauce with provencal spiced chicken, sun dried tomatoes, and roasted peppers. It was to die for! And thanks to all my buddies who showed up to see me: Steve, Mike, Jim, and Barry. (Adam wussed out. He was too tired.)

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I didn't bother with McDonalds on Saturday for lunch. Instead I stopped in Dama and got a nice lunch fast. Rockland has way too few fast food places. It is ridiculous. The demand here is huge. What are they waiting for?

I got abonminal service there a while back and ended up complaining about it. It was worth it too. Not everyone thought I should have complained. I guess if you go to a restaurant and order a steak and they bring you a grilled cheese and it doesn't even have all the cheese on it then the cool thing to do is just not say anything. I thought differently.

I went to a Friendly's in Portland last weekend and it took over an hour and a half to get waited on and served. All the time the waitresses were complaining about the kitchen out in the open where everyone could hear it. They were even saying "I am not taking any more orders" to people who would come in the door. A few people even got up and walked out without paying because nobody would come take their money when they were done. It was nuts. I wanted to be cool though so we didn't complain and 2 hours later our 30 min lunch was done. =)

Posted by Dake @ 11/18/2001 10:53 PM EST

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