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11/19/2001 Entry: "Mac OS 10.1"

Some of my loyal readers may remember when we got a G-3 here at the office, and I put OS-X on it. What a pain! But after 3 tries, I got it down! Now, OS 10.1 is out, and we were given a copy from RCC in Rockport. So, I'm installing it. It said it would take 8 minutes. We're going on 30! Is this what I am to expect when it's supposed to run 2-3 faster than OS-X? If the installer is this slow, how's the system itself going to be! Man. I almost switched back to Windows this morning. This new OS better be good, or it's back to 2000 for me.

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Back to 2000! Ouch man you are desperite. All I can say is that I have a G3 at home and it smokes my office computer. In fact I have owned this computer for over 2 years now and not had to make a single performance upgrade on it. They built it right the first time. I know I will get comments on this post however I just want to say I probably have racked up more time on a mac than anyone who will read this and I say Mac still rules. It so rules it isn't funny. No matter what you are still slaves to Microsoft and you all hate it. Just admit it.

I heard someone who hates Bill Gates today talk about how evil MacOS is. Now that is a laugh huh? Can you imagine how much Windows would stink if there were no Mr. Jobs. You guys owe everything you have to him. Why don't you just admit it and let's move on.

Posted by Jim @ 11/19/2001 07:55 PM EST

How was that for starting an argument?

Posted by Jim @ 11/19/2001 07:56 PM EST

oh shut up.

Posted by mlg @ 11/20/2001 08:41 AM EST

How can we be a slave to something when we think the
alternative, crapintosh, sucks balls. It's not like it's an elite club where only anal retentive snobs can buy one, even though that is the majority of it's customer base. We could own one if we wanted, but we don't cause again, it sucks ***. Mac is not innovative. OS X is to previous Mac OS what Win 3.1 was to DOS. Smoke and mirrors. At least Microsoft is trying to improve thier product. You can say all you want about Bill Gates, but Windows is improving, while Mac OS is stagnant as hell. And that's all that matters. Proof positive. Bill installed OS X, it bogged down his system, which isn't very old. OS 10.1, supposed to be so much faster, but it still bogs **** down. Where as Win XP can go on just about any system, run with hardly any problems, and not turn your comp into a pinto. Plus if you want to run Mac OS, for whatever inssane reason, you essentially need to run it on Mac hardware. Who's the monopoly again? Where as windows can slide right onto a crapintosh, again for whatever stupid reason you would want to do that. But at least Win gives you the flexibility to choose your hardware and
components. Oh what else?
At least PC's don't look like a toaster oven or a big blob of tranlucent gree ****.

Posted by Harmonic Distortions @ 11/20/2001 10:26 AM EST

I pretty much expected this response. The inflamatory manner of your post just illustrates your level of brainwash. I would also like to point out that you don't use a mac and never have. So your opinion is so much dog poo. I was thinking of dressing like Bill Gates for Halloween however I was afraid you would all come and hump my leg if I did. I guess my assumptions were right.

Windows sucks and always has. 3.1 was the most horrible operation system ever made. 95 basically screwed every windows user in the butt and then 98 was a big non-upgrade. So then we have millenium which bogs down your system and makes is super slow and sucky and now we have xp which the owner of this board refuses to use because he doesn't want to sell his soul to Microsoft.

Apple has never done any of that crap to it's users like Microsoft has. the pathetic thing is you hate windows yet you defend it. All the while drooling over all the cool apple stuff. Even if Apple has stumbled they have come out with fixes and updates fast. Not 3 years later.

Listen if you want to own a sucky OS that is your business but don't pee on my leg and tell me it is raining cuz I ain't buying it like you did.

I would suggest going back to OSDRUNK.

Posted by Jim @ 11/20/2001 12:00 PM EST

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