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11/26/2001 Entry: "Good News!"

Billy Rhythm heard some good news today. I may not be at liberty to discuss it, so I won't until given permission. But let's just say that Billy Rhythm is very happy. And, it's not even drum related! Imagine that!

So this weekend was a Freeview weekend on HBO. Luckily, with my new Tivo (or better: Sue's new Tivo), I was able to save some sweet all digital movies. I've already watched MASH and Men of Honor. I'm 1/2 way through The Scarlet Letter with Demi and Gary Oldham (I think Gary is Todd's brother!). Still saved I have The Perfect Storm, The Patriot, and Gladiator. I think The Patriot is even in Dolby Digital. Sweet. Daren from 3-Dimensions is going to hook me up with an optical cable do I'll have some sweet digital surround audio. (Note to readers bearing Christmas gifts: Darren's cable is just a cheapie, so a nice optical cable is still on the Cristmas list.)

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Don't bother with Patriot. I have it on DVD with loads of special stuff. I also have Harmonic's Gladiator that is in DTS with loads of special stuff.

Posted by sledge @ 11/26/2001 12:47 PM EST

Someday i'd like to watch that again.

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 11/26/2001 01:46 PM EST

I am happy to loan you Patriot any time ole buddy.

Posted by sledge @ 11/26/2001 02:29 PM EST

Hey man.

Did you get any poon movies?

Posted by slimeball @ 11/26/2001 11:53 PM EST

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