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11/27/2001 Entry: "Barry's Snare Fetish"

So here's another little addendum on the vilification of Billy Rhythm by the persona Cool Drums of Hi Treason Studio. Ask him about the snare drums with which he's recorded. On his album with Work in Progress, he used a certain black piccolo snare on a track or two and the remaining tracks were recorded with a 1958 WFL snare. Both snares were owned by Billy Rhythm. In fact, Barry needed so desperately to capture the essence of funknicity that accompanies Billy Rhythm, that he bought that black piccolo snare. Now that he's recording my licks on someone else's album, he figures that to truly exemplify the soultrussion that is Billy Rhythm, he should borrow a certain Starclassic birch snare, also owned by Billy Rhythm. It seems that Billy Rhythm's aura, or at least his snares, is needed to apply the proper exemplification of groovousity on the recordings of the certain "Best place to record in Maine."

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That's a lovely reply, speak in ENGLIS'C'H hmmm...

Posted by groovemaster @ 11/28/2001 02:18 PM EST

how quick is mister rhythm on the draw...shoot (remove this post)

Posted by groovemaster @ 11/28/2001 02:20 PM EST

groovemaster should change his name to suckmaster or asshat, becuase that would be more appropriate.

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 11/28/2001 04:06 PM EST

I guess we know who the anonymous jerk is leaving comments, now don't we? Keep it up, groovemaster, and I'll ban the proxy's IP address. That means no comments from any of you!

Posted by Admin @ 11/28/2001 04:48 PM EST

Wouldn't that also mean you couldn't comment from work?

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 11/28/2001 04:58 PM EST

Why would I need to make comments? I only comment to answer you bozos. Plus, as THE ADMIN, I could unban it for me, then turn the ban back on. So shut up!

Posted by Admin @ 11/28/2001 05:39 PM EST

Yo Mama! *****

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 11/28/2001 07:09 PM EST

WTF?! I didn't post that last one.
We have an imposter! If you're going to fake it, do it right, douche bag. I don't say yo mama, and it's biatch. Mofucka!

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 11/29/2001 09:11 AM EST

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