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12/18/2001 Entry: "Ludwig Ringer Timpani"

So of course, at work I keep a couple of drum related catalogs in the bathroom. I'm talking with JP today whatever, and selling a Saab, and he says "Yeah, I could sell a Saab and buy some of those "timpanies" like in the bathroom." (Technically, timpani, or tympani as I learned them, is plural. Tympano or timpano is singular.) That got me thinking about the best tymps in the world: Ludwig/Musser Timpani Ringer Series tymps. Hammered copper bowls is a suspended chasis. Foot pedals you strap yourself into. A tuning gauge, with a trigger operated fine tuner. Yum! Of course, I won't be grabbing these anytime soon, but hey, I can dream.

Oh, and last night, while eating a Taco Bell stuffed burrito, I broke a tooth. I went to the dentist today, and for $90 they hooked me up with a "glorified Band-Aid" (their words). They think within a year I will need a root canal and another crown. I already have one crown, and I'm scheduled for the root canal on that tooth next month. I don't feel much like dropping another $1500 or so on a tooth, but hey, I gotta chew. But think of the drums I'll have to give up! I just thank God today's bill was easy to handle.

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