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12/17/2001 Entry: "Snares, snares, the magical drum"

So, it's been a good week for snares here at Billy Rhythm do com. It started with a Pearl mahogany snare. It was on ebay several months ago. I bid on it, but was outbid. Strangely, it was won by someone I "know" from Drum Center Forum. Well low and behold, he decides he wants to sell it! I told him, right after he won the auction, that if he ever needed to unload it, he should call me. well, he didn't call! I just happend to notice on one of his messages that he was thinking about selling it. Well, I contacted him and told him I'd take it. So, of the $600 I got for my Vistalites, $450 has been spent. (That's $225 for the snare, and $225 for that WFL floor tom.)

Then, I was talking with Harvey at Northern Kingdom "Best Music Shop in the Whole Freakin' World" Music. It seems they really wanted me to take home the Stewart Copeland snare drum. They wanted me to have it so badly, they cut a deal that would've made Billy Rhythm proud. So I picked that one up for a song. Man, there just can't be a better music salesman than Harvey Curtis. I mean, he's honest, smart, and good looking. Plus, he plays all that bass. I've dropped a lot of coin on music stuff, and the vast majority of that dough has been spent at NKM. The only time I don't shop them is when I need a specialty type percussion item, and then I shop The Drum Shop in Portland. And when I shop in Portland, I only work with my old bud from Spruce Head, Shane. At NKM, you can deal with Harvey "All That, And Then Some, Swigning and Takin' Names" Curtis, or with Mac "I Got Blisters On My Fingers as Big as Your Head 'Cause I Got the Licks" Economy, or Jarod "Don't Wake Me, I'm Sleepy, But I'm A Nice Guy" Dontknowhislastname. They'll all use you right.

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Bill has a definate snare fetish. But man can he pick em'.

Posted by Groovemaster @ 12/18/2001 08:24 AM EST

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