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01/11/2002 Entry: "31 matches? and Pastry Garden"

So if you do a search for "drum" in the "Search me, try me" box, you get 31 matches. Do I ever talk about anything else?

Well sure! Chocolate! That cake Carol gave me from the Pastry Garden? I can tell you what wasn't it it. Air! Lightness! Flour! Man, it was a rich, heavy, decadent, flourless cake-type fudge with chocolate on top, and more chocolate! Susan couldn't finish he piece. After eating my piece, I couldn't finish Sue's piece. Man, was it good! I don't think it's on her menu, but I dare say that that was the richest, dare I say chocolatey-est (?) dessert I have ever had. It was stupendous!

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you say blind albert is your bread and butter band.please tell me if blind albert is really blind. if so how much. how did it happen.

Posted by nappleby @ 01/13/2002 01:49 PM EST

please reply to nappleby@gte.net

Posted by nappleby @ 01/13/2002 01:51 PM EST

No, Blind Albert is not really blind. Also, his name isn't Albert: it's Vincent. It's just an alter ego. I have several alter egos myself. I have my cowboy alter ego (Tex Watson), my British alter ego (George Harry Leiscter Reginald Bradburry, retired from her majesty's Navy), my Italian alter ego (Tony Bagodonuts), and of course, my music alter ego, Billy Rhythm.

Posted by Billy Rhythm @ 01/14/2002 09:29 AM EST

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