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01/15/2002 Entry: "Just a boring update"

I was without high speed wireless Internet for a day or two, so I didn't post much.

What's new? Well, I got that new Pearl African burl mahogany snare. I played it in Bethel this weekend. I looked ssssooooo good, and it sounded good too. At one point, Blind Al had me take it off the stand, and show it to the crowd. They "oooohhhheeddd" and "aaahhheedd." Also, special thanks to Jim The educator for comming to the gig. He and his lovely lady came all the way up from Rockland to see us. What a nice guy.

This same nice guy got me a basket of imported beers for my birthday. I drank the second one the other day. (Birthday was December 7th. What's that, 2 beers a month???) It was a Warsteiner. Their motto: life's too short to drink cheap beer. My motto: Life's too short to drink Warsteiner! Really now. I'm not a huge fan of German beers. German beers are usually lagers. I'm more of a British ale guy. Anyway, the color of this beer promised good things. It was a firey golden. Flashy! Almost rich looking, almost like it would be creamy. The problem I had was the taste. There was a bit of "corn" flavor going on. You sometimes see this in cheap American beers, where they sometimes use corn in the malt. But in checking out the website, Warsteiner says they comply with the Reinheitsgebot, or German purity law. That law says that beer can only be brewed with water, yeast, hops, and barely. Corn is not allowed. I don't know where this flavor came from, but there was some definite corn flakes things going on. I hope Jim doesn't feel bad. This isn't to make him feel bad. It's just an honest review of the beer. So the score is Sam Smith's Taddy Porter: A-. Warsteiner: D (I was, after all, able to drink the whole thing!). Jims gift: priceless.

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Hey I don't feel bad. Not all of them can be winners. I am only posting this to let you know I didn't pick those beers out! It was just sampling of everything the shop sold. If there is some type of beer you want to try that you have never found you should talk to them. They seem to be able to get about anything you might want. Not that I encourage or discourage beer drinking. Or martini drinking. he he

Posted by Jim The educator @ 01/16/2002 08:11 AM EST

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