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01/16/2002 Entry: "Mac's dead, baby... Mac's dead."

My Mac at the office bit the dust. It was my main machine. All email is gone. Hard drives needed to be reformatted. It's going on 6 hours. Sweet. [/sarcasm]

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Posted by mlg @ 01/16/2002 03:39 PM EST

I have worked with both Macs and "Wintel" (if that is accurate anymore) machines for a while now. In the nearly 10 years I have been dealing with Macs I have only crashed my hard once. In the three years I have been working with windows PCs I have crashed beyond no return 3 times with my PC.

The interesting part is that technically my Mac should crash the way I work with it. My PC never gets new stuff on it. Just the same old stuff. That is my record. I post it as a matter of fact.

Posted by Jimbo @ 01/16/2002 05:59 PM EST

in my many years of using a pc, i dont think ive ever crashed a computer so that it needed to be completly re-done. it all boils down to proper maintnece, defrags, disk scans.

Posted by mlg @ 01/17/2002 10:02 AM EST

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