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01/18/2002 Entry: "Cymbal L-Arm"

My cymbal L-arm arrived today. They normally sell for around $100. I got a steal on mine: $65. Sweet. My old WFLs are almost completed.

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What will the approx. value be of your WFL's after they are a complete set again ?? I know you've been waiting on that 16" floor tom for years now, you finally did buy one right?

Posted by groovemaster @ 01/21/2002 08:29 AM EST

All complete? I'm guessing $800 - $1000. This bass is a little older than mine, but otherwise about the same. My snare would go about the same price, so there's $500 right there. Plus, I have foot pedal, hi-hat, and snare stand.

Posted by B.R. @ 01/21/2002 03:23 PM EST

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