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01/21/2002 Entry: "L-Arm Update"

So my L-Arm arrived, and it was chrome. The rest of my set is in nickel. So I posted an ad over at Drum Center Forum, saying that I would trade my new chrome arm for a nickel one. About 2 hours later, I had someone who wanted to trade.

On Saturday I did a DJ gig. At the show was another Maine DJ, Tracy Carson. Now, I've known Tracy (by reputation) for years. He does good work. I knew he was there, but he didn't know I knew. At the end, he came to tell me I did a good job. He wainted 'til the end so I wouldn't be nervous. (I thought that was very nice of him.) Anyway, I asked if it would be ok if I gave out his name, you know, to people who need a DJ and I'm already booked. He says sure. I ask him how much does he get for a 4 hour gig? $750!!! I get $300. Ching a ching ching!

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