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01/24/2002 Entry: "Beer Update #3"

I had another beer from my gift basket from Jim, The educator of Left Turn Denied. It was a perenial favorite: Bass Ale. Now, Bass ale has the intials IPA (or India Pale Ale) on the label. I know it's true, 'cause I lost a bet on it. (Ironically, the web site calls Bass a pale ale, which is what I contended in my lost bet. But, it does say IPA on the label.) But it doesn't taste like and Inda Pale. Indias are very hoppy, and usually a little higher in alcohol content. Bass insn't like that. It's a very balanced ale, like the Britts would call a "session" ale. It's got good maltiness and just the right amount of hops. It's full bodied, but not bitter. For someone who is just getting into ales, Bass is a great all around ale.

Another interesting note: the Bass ale red triangle logo was the first registered trademark in Britain. The story goes that Bass had been using the red triangle for many years. When the time came for trademarks to be registered, an employee of Bass spent the night on the front steps of the registrar's office, to make sure they would be able to secure their own logo. They did not only that, but now get to claim the "first registered trademark in Britain."

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