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01/26/2002 Entry: "This and that, webmaster news, new page stuff."

At the advice of Barry, I drank a Guinness on Thursday night. It was yummy. Last Saturday, about this time, I bought a bottle of Knob Creek bourbon. I haven't opened it yet.

AS you can see on the right hand side, I've added a new Google search bar. This new search adds the following features:
1. It can search both billyrhythm.com, or the whole web.
2. If searching in billyrhythm.com, it brings up all of my pages, not just the journal pages.
3. The output of the seach is branded and colored for me. (Do a sample search on drums. The first page isn't a journal page, and you can see the cool colors and logo.)

Thanks to google for providing this cool service, free of charge. Also, thanks to Ron from Random Abstract for showing me this cool tool.

And, thanks to my dad, I may have another small web design client. (More like updating existing pages, but hey, it's drum money!)

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