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02/05/2002 Entry: "Early morning thoughts while shopping"

I stepped into Shop and Save today. I didn't really need anything other than cash. You see, I needed to buy a single screw at the hardware store. A five cent purchase. I had nothing. So I went to buy a muffin, get some cash back, and buy a screw, as it were. (Are you blushing?)

So as I walk in, I overhear a cashier say "You've got to play the hand your delt." Well, you don't really. You can always fold.

So then, as I'm checking out, I see one of those papers proclaiming "3 Legged Skater Banned from Olympics." I mentioned to the cashier that I didn't think that was very fair. Doesn't it go against the Americans With Disabilities Act? How hard must it be to buy a pair of pants? I mean, other than those ones from SNL. The cashier remarked the skater could do a fairly good tripple lutz!

In the parking lot, a guy was cursing a shopping cart that blew into his van. (It was very windy. You know the kind of wind that's blowing so hard you can't catch your breath? We'll have to explore that later.) I mean, he's really cursing it. He's kicking the shopping cart, for crying out loud! And, he's swearing at it in Polish! What a way to start the day.

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What did this guy look like and what was his car? I know a Polish guy who might curse if a shopping cart hit his car. How did you know it was Polish?

Posted by Jim @ 02/05/2002 12:57 PM EST

It was a Mini-Van. Brown with wood paneling. How do I know it was Polish? Well, as I don't speak Polish, I wouldn't bet my liver. But I also know a Polish gentleman, and it sounded very similar to his native tongue.

Posted by B.R. @ 02/05/2002 04:54 PM EST

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