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02/08/2002 Entry: "Running windows on my Mac"

Yesterday, I helped a customer with his Mac. (Well, not really. By the time I got there, the phone company figured out his problem.) He's a very nice doctor, who specializes in cancer research. You know how some very rich and very smart people can be very haughty? He wasn't like that. He was a very pleasant gentleman. He gave me a Windows emulator for the Mac. So as I write this, I'm running Windows on my office mac! The only thing I haven't been able to get it to do is dial out over the modem. It's on the office network, peolple can get to the Mac's hard drive now, it's all pretty sweet.

Now, not wanting to start a war, and as one who is not a zelot of either camp, I do think it's cool that I can run another operating system within another operating system.

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