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02/11/2002 Entry: "More Ghost info"

I wanna thank whomever left the note about The Ghost pedal. You see, when Bob Ramsey designed the pedal, he supposedly named it after the aircraft carrier he was on. I've never been able to find reference to the USS Ghost, however. Well, the USS Lexington is nicknamed "The Blue Ghost." She was supposedly sunk by the Japanesse 4 times, but she always turned up again. So Tokyo Rose named her the Blue Ghost. Perhaps that was the ship Mr. Ramsey was on. The ship is now a museum. I've contacted the curator about wether Mr. Ramsey was aboard that ship. One problem: 60,000 men and women served aboard the ship, and they don't have a complete crew roster from the Navy. But I'll keep didging.

Mad, crazy, sweaty, fun-lovin', groove totin', back-bone slippin' props to NKM. More later.

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