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02/15/2002 Entry: "Stick Bags and Catalogs"

Today I ordered this really cool stick bag. I thought this was the coolest bag when it came out. I've never been a big fan of hanging sticks off your floor tom. Not so much from a sound reason, but because I want to protect the finish of the drums--you know, no zippers to rub against the shell kind of thing. Also, this bag gives you a place to put your keys. Really. Playing drums with your keys in your pockets can create problems. The bag first sold for about $75. Yeah. Way high. But on special, they can be had for $30. The little table top is cool, too. Now, you can have your brushes and mallets out and ready to go, in case you need them.

I also spoke with this guy who sells a CD Rom with scans of over 100 vintage drum catalogs on it. He checked out my page, and liked what he saw. You can see his page here.

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Billy rithim doesnt give his favorite music store a shot at this sale?

Posted by Say WHAT @ 02/17/2002 09:59 AM EST

Rumor on the net had it that Musician's Friend had a closeout on these discontinued items. Can you get it cheaper? If so, I will offer a public apology, and remember to always call the greatest music store in the world first!

Posted by B.R. @ 02/17/2002 11:05 AM EST

Could have helped you out if you had let me!!!!!

Posted by Say WHAT @ 02/19/2002 01:20 PM EST

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