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02/17/2002 Entry: "Busy Weekend"

It's been a busy weekend for Billy Rhythm. I played at Joshua's Tavern in Brunswick after work on Friday. Back into the office on Saturday (Where my Mac hard drive bit the dust again!). Saturday night, back to Joshua's. (A thanks to all my buds, most of The Quiet Storm team [less cracked5a of course--heck, we can't even to get him to post!].) Sunday morning, and I'm taking care of the Flower of Loveliness, Julia Valentine, as she's sick. I was able to get the dishes done, however. And, of course, a quick post.

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Is that little flower feeling better today?

Posted by Gramp @ 02/17/2002 02:12 PM EST

The little flower is feeling a little better, thank you for asking!

Posted by beloved @ 02/17/2002 07:01 PM EST

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