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02/20/2002 Entry: "An update for Genova"

I went to the Damricotta office today. While there, The Greasy Wop mentions I haven't posted since Monday. Well, I've been busy, dangit! The stick bag came in today. It's cool. But I should have called the worlds best music store first. Harv could've gotten me the same deal. In the future, before I buy anything, I'm callin' him.

Julia was sick last night. Threw up all over her bed. Whilst Susan cleaned her up, I took the linens down to the laundry. Since the pillow was all full of mostly digested tomatoes, I threw it in the wash, and let Julia use one of my pillows. Wow, was it hard to sleep without my back-up pillow. I'm going to have to invest in some pillow redundancy.

I wanna go! Then go cool!
I wanna bust! Then bust cool!

"Boy, boy, crazy boy.
Be cool, boy.
Got a rocket
In your pocket?
Be cool-ie cool, boy!"

Easy, Action!

Highlights from Cool
Leonard Bernstein, Steven Sondheim
West Side Story

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