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02/23/2002 Entry: "Where have I been? And, new drum site."

I've been sick the last couple of days. Real sick for me on Thursday. Since Susan and I have been married (almost 8 years) I have been throw-up sick only twice. The last time was before Julia was born, and she'll be 4 in July. Man, it really is amazing how the human digestive track can work in reverse. (OT: Man, was I thirsty! I drank almost 2 litters of ginger ale on Thursday.) But, I'm kinda sore. Coughing hurts. So does yawning. But thanks to my buddies who covered for me at the office. Adam worked late for me last night so I could get some rest before a gig I had to play in Bangor.

Wanna see about a new drum site? See more...

There was a little tussle over at Drum Center Forum between the propritor of the board, Harry Cangany, and drum builder Ronn Dunnett. Harry announced that soon you would have to pay to be a member of the site. Ron's argument was that you shouldn't charge people to post content. So, Ronn went off and started his own drum board, called DrumSmith.com.

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No problem on the coverage holmes. You guys have covered for me many times. I just hope you feel better soon so I can get a decent breakfast. : )

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 02/23/2002 10:47 PM EST

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