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02/26/2002 Entry: "Early Mornin' Postin'"

Posting first thing in the AM, before the work day, even. Sue got an early start too: she went for a swim at the gym, and is now cleaning the kitchen.

So Brian Boru. I don't think I've ever played in a friendlier, more laid back, more band conscious place in my life. Here's the story. We pull into this giant parking lot behind the place, and go inside. A guy named Brian (not Boru--he died in like AD 170) says "There's a private party going on upstairs now, but you just go on up. After you get your stuff in, come back down, and help yourself to the bar and the kitchen--it's all on the house." Nice. So I ask him about parking in the back lot. Seems it's private, and we'll get towed. "Just park in the street with your hazards on, and when one of our spots opens up, we'll come get you." Super nice. So we each have some free dinner, and I have a Boddingtons Pub Ale on tap. (Great stuff. I've only ever had it from a can.) Only one for me. Remember, I'd been sick the last two days.

So after dinner, we're setting up upstairs, and the party is still going on. It's kinda crowded. Brian comes upstairs and tells me "They're not letting you have much room. If it takes you some extra time to set up, it's ok to start a little late." Super nice. I say hello to the bartender upstairs. I think his name was Jeff. "Do you use bar time?" I ask. He explains that all the clocks are 10 minutes fast. He then explains that we have to be out at 1:05 am. And he means "outta da buildin'." "So, if you need to end at 12am, that's fine. If it's 12:30, that's fine. You just have to bee out of here by 1:05. We like to be out of here at 1:15 (Maine's "No liquor on the table" law), and we don't like to be waiting around for the band.

I never wanna play another gig anywhere else. Brian Boru is the place to play.

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