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02/27/2002 Entry: "Paulaner Hefewiezen"

Beer sampler review #4, I think. Paulaner Hefewiezen. A hefewiezen is a wheat bear, unfiltered, almost always a lager. I liked this beer. Very yummy. Very strong wheat and yeast flavor. I found that the strong wheat flavor comes from the wheat being slightly malted first. It's very crisp. Many on the review panel noted banana and citrus flavor. I had never thought about it, as banana is not usually what I think of in beer. But they're right--it's in there! This would be a great summer beer, and, though full flavored, isn't a heavy beer. Quite reccomended.

To sum up: Total beers in the package Jim gave me: 8. Number consumed since December 7th: 4. Beers enjoyed: 3 (Bass Ale, Sam Smiths Taddy Porter, and this Paulaner). Beers I won't buy again: 1 (Warsteiner).

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