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03/18/2002 Entry: "Tama Koa drumset"

You wanna see an incredible drumkit. Check out this Tama kit. It has Hawaiian Koa on the in and outside, and bubinga (BUBINGA!!!) on the inside, with a real abalone inlay. First, I wanna know why you would take a bubinga (BUBINGA!!!) drum, and cover it. I mean, it's koa, but on top of bubinga (BUBINGA!!!)??? Also, I HATE the inlay. It really ruins the look of the drums, I think. Ditch that, and presto! you've got a great instrument. I think Harvey of Greatest-Music-Store-In-The-World (i.e. Northern Kingdom Music in Rockport Maine) told me their were only 40 kits produced; they've all been sold.

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