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03/18/2002 Entry: "Zoot! Zoot!"

Help me pick one! Purple pinstripe or Light Purple Diamond Zoot. I mean, for $50, I simply must get one. Help me pick!

Replies: 4 people have rocked the mic!

Purple Pinstripe, Patchuko!

Posted by Chris @ 03/18/2002 08:56 PM EST

I also vote for the purple pinstripe.

Posted by beloved @ 03/19/2002 03:08 PM EST

If you can't go with a gray pin stripe then I guess the purple pin is the best of the two.

Posted by gramp @ 03/19/2002 09:37 PM EST

Chris is right, gotta go with the pinstripe.

Posted by mlg (in jersey!) @ 03/21/2002 06:19 PM EST

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